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Medically Supervised Weight Loss with HCG

Biogenics MD knows how to help you lose weight and keep it off. Dr. Kotelko personally supervises your weight loss progress to make sure you achieve your goals.

HCG Medically Supervised Weight Loss
Do more than just lose fat, keep it off and look and feel great. Studies have shown that over 70% of patients do not gain back the weight for one year after the HCG diet combined with medical supervision.

  1. 500-800 calorie diet programmedically supervised weight loss
  2. HCG injections
  3. There is minimal loss of muscle, but maximal loss of fat.
  4. Body contouring by fat reduction.
  5. Average weight loss is 1/2 to 1 lb per day
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      More about HCG Diet Weight Loss Program
      One of the hardest parts about a diet can be the increased hunger. Combining the HCG injections with a 500-800 calorie diet actually can decrease hunger. It helps to lose the excess and abnormal stored fat. Metabolism can dramatically increase. It’s the safe and comfortable way for patients to lose weight.

      Meticulously following the prescribed diet will deliver great results. Deviating from the protocol is very likely to lead to poor results.


      Both programs duration include:

      • HCG Metabolic Diet Manual
      • The HCG pre-drawn syringes
      • Progress monitoring with weekly bioimpedence reports using the InBody 520 body composition scale and weigh-ins.
      • Daily food log reviews