You may be sensitive to certain foods.

Did you know these foods could make you fat & sick?

We offer ALCAT Food Sensitivity Testing & Intolerance Testing

A Simple Test with Big Results!

We have found that some of the most common reactions are to gluten and dairy. So for many of us, eating a whole wheat sandwich with milk for lunch may not be a good idea.

Did you know you may have an intolerance to Broccoli?


Foods you eat may cause the following:

-Digestive Disorders

-Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

-Leaky Gut Syndrome



-Chronic fatigue

-Aching Joints

-Skin Disorders/Rashes





We can test your reaction to over 200 Foods, Herbs, Chemicals, Environmental Chemicals, Additives, Molds, Environmental Toxins. Many chronic health problems such as diabetes, obesity, joint pain and digestive orders are linked to inflammatory reactions to certain foods, herbs and chemicals.  The ALCAT test helps to identify these foods.

Did you know that we all tend to eat the same 10-12 foods every week?  Your body can become overwhelmed and build up an intolerance which sets up chronic inflammation which is the cause of all disease.

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